Worth the Splurge: Why You Should Get New Equipment

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If you’re considering opening your own frozen yogurt shop, websites such as http://frozenyogurtsolutions.com/supplies/equipment are a great source of information on equipment such as different types of soft serve machines. When figuring out your budget, it may be tempting to try to reduce costs by buying those machines used. After all, the difference in price between new and used machines can equal thousands of dollars, depending on machine brand and type. However, buying new soft serve machines is definitely worth the splurge. Here’s why:

New machines come with warranties.

The industry standard for new soft serve machine warranties is one year for parts and labor, two years for electrical components, five years for compressors and 25 years for the shell. Some companies also offer setup and training with the purchase of the machine. Compare that to the paltry warranties on used machines that generally run 90 days for parts, a year on the compressors and ten years on the shell. That’s not much when you realize…
…Old machines are unreliable.

Imagine buying used machines only to find them DOA. Malfunctioning machines can cause considerable delays and loss of revenue. Under the best of circumstances you can have the machines repaired and only lose a few days. However, if you’re unfortunate enough to be unable to find someone to repair your particular machines – which can and does happen – your limited warranty won’t do you a bit of good. In addition to having broken machines, you will have to try to get your money back and buy entirely new machines from another vendor.

While buying used machines will save you money upfront and will offset costs if your business should go under, the risk that having those machines involves is simply not worth it. With new machines you will have peace of mind and with a successful shop, you’re sure to make an excellent return on your investment.


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Many business options can sometimes confuse us. If this is your first time of trying to own a business, buying restaurant franchises can be the most perfect option. What is franchising? To be defined, franchising is actually a business arrangement. So, the company allows the franchisee to sell the products or services of the company. What is more, the franchisee is also allowed to use the logo of the company by means of advertising purposes. Running a restaurant business is profitable as you can see that the restaurant industry is known as one of the best industries for franchising. Here are some reasons that show you how becoming a franchisee is the best thing you can do.

                The first reason is the buying power is relatively high. As a matter of fact, a national restaurant chain owns many different stores. By running a restaurant franchise, you can easily bring a large volume of orders to your business. In one case, the popular brand can be one factor that attracts many customers to come in and make a purchase. The second reason is the tested strategy. Instead of starting your own business restaurant from zero, buying a franchise is a better decision. It is because the marketing strategies and services methods are already tested. Well, you not need to spend your time to go through many trials or errors to create your own marketing strategy. The second reason is because you can already get a support network. Anytime you need help in your business, you can contact the trainer or brand representatives to help you out.

                Furthermore, it is also highly crucial to do a thorough and extensive background check on the company or the franchisor. It is very important to find out whether the business is already established or weak. What is more, talking with other franchisees will help you out mapping your success in the near future.

Venta de yogur en el verano es genial idea

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¿Qué debe tener cuando se está en el calor de esta manera? Bueno, estoy seguro de que va a necesitar algo de beber refresco como el yogurt congelado. Si lo necesita, puede que tenga que ir a uno de los sitios web en el Internet como http://www.sncgelato.com/ y muchos otros sitios web similares. Sin embargo, si usted inteligente, estoy seguro de que también se nota que también hay una gran cantidad de personas que necesitan el mismo producto cuando llega el verano o el calor. Por lo tanto, lo que tiene que hacer es hacer realmente el dinero de lo que la gente necesita. Esto se considera una buena idea por muchas personas que tienen que añadir un poco de dinero en su bolsillo durante el verano. El dinero puede ser utilizado para comprar algunos boletos para sus vacaciones en la próxima temporada. ¿Qué te parece?

Bueno, a pesar de que hace sonido simple, hay una gran cantidad de personas que han fracasado tratando de obtener una gran cantidad de dinero en el yogurt congelado, ya que simplemente no tienen un buen plan para ello. Por lo tanto, si usted quiere tener éxito en este tipo de negocio, una de las cosas que usted realmente necesita hacer primero es hacer un plan al respecto. El plan debe incluir un montón de cosas. Por ejemplo, usted tendrá que saber dónde comprar la máquina de yogurt congelado. Además de eso, usted también tendrá que averiguar el lugar donde se debe abrir su negocio. Para hacer esto, usted tendrá que investigar algunos lugares y tienes que encontrar el lugar donde hay un montón de personas se reúnen y son pocas las personas que hacen lo mismo que usted, vendiendo helados de yogurt. Si tiene más de tres vendedores en un solo lugar, será difícil para usted para vender su producto.